Hopefully we can answer all your questions here. If not please call us on 602 45 27 00
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Hopefully we will be able to answer most of your questions, if not please give us a call on 604 35 89 93


How do I pay?

You   can   pay   by   secure   credit/debit   card   on   this   web   site   or call 604 35 89 93 to find out about other payment options

Is payment by credit card secure?

Bus   2   uses   Stripe   for   it’s   Payment   Gateway.   Stripe   has been   audited   by   a   PCI-certified   auditor   and   is   certified to    PCI    Service    Provider    Level    1.    This    is    the    most stringent   level   of   certification   available   in   the   payments industry.   To   accomplish   this,   they   make   use   of   best-in- class   security   tools   and   practices   to   maintain   a   high level of security.

Is IVA Tax included in the ticket price?

Where do you pick up from?

Can I pay over the phone?

How do I know my booking has been accepted?

Do I get a ticket?

Yes. The ticket prices we display are the full amount you pay

Yes we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Once   you   have   successfully   booked   your   place   on   a Bus2   journey   using   this   web   site,   you   will   receive   a confirmation   e-mail   which   includes   a   printable   ticket. however   your   tickets   are   not   required   to   travel,   just give   us   the   name   your   booking   was   made   in   when you board the bus.
We   always   issues   tickets   for   your   peace   of   mind, whether   in   person   or   by   e-mail.   You   do   not   need   a ticket   to   travel   just   give   us   the   name   your   booking was made in when you board the bus.
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